Dump Beds

Dump Beds
Logging Equipment

Built in the northwest to withstand the punishment that the rock business can dish out. Our beds come in two different styles. 

"Tub" or semi-eliptical beds are constructed of 1/4 inch AR-400 material. Standard base package for a tub consists of the body, high lift gate, air locks with cylinder, air lift mud flaps with air canister, hydrualic ram, ram mount, and hinge assembly.  Options include wet kit, paint, and installation on your truck.



Flat bottom beds are built with a 1/4 inch AR400 floor, double wall 10 gauge side construction, 3/16 AR400 tailgate and come with lock cylinder, lift cylinder, cylinder mount and hinge assembly.  Options include; high lift gate,  AR400 inside skins, spread apron, paint and installation.



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